Jan. 26th, 2005 05:54 am
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There was a school shooting at the high school just down from my primary school today. ^_^ Thankfully, the gunman missed his targets. My school had already had a pre-planned Code Red drill, but because of this, we went on lockdown -- where no one leaves the building. Crazy.

They had me sub for a fourth grade class in my building today, instead of teaching science prep. I about pulled my hair out because of the bad behavior, especially in the last 20 minutes. I know I'm not suppost to be happy when someone gets hurt, and I'm not, but when a kid dilliberately ran out of the classroom and fell at the bottom of the stairs because he wouldn't stop and wait with the rest of the class, I can't say I was too sad. My goodness. I was so "mean" because I made them be quiet, and wouldn't let them leave until they demonstrated proper behavior. And this one girl is going to go tell her mom on me, and her mom will get me fired. Boo-hoo. Can you tell I'm upset? te-hee. I hope it provokes a discussion on her behavior.

Um...ok, now I'm going to go watch some TV and forget all about this crazy day. :P Ooo, reason to celebrate: Tomorrow is the first of 3 Fridays I get each week! This job is just Monday-Thursday, thus Thursday=Friday. Yay! And then Friday is Friday. And Saturday is Friday because it's my last working day in the week. w00t!

Oh, oh! One more thing I wanted to remember. Yesterday, a second grade boy who I know is a handful and sports a 'tude, came in wearing a Christian t-shirt. So after he got sent to time out, I asked him if he went to church. He just shrugged and wouldn't look at me because he was upset. I kept talking to him calmly and finally got an affirmative. So I got excited for him and told him that I did too. I told him that I'd pray that Jesus would help him make good choices, etc. This was all a very quick conversation, and I started to walk away to get back to the class because they were getting noisy, but then I turned back and asked him to pray for me that I would be a good teacher and make good decisions too. I admitted that I'm not perfect and make mistakes, also. He still wasn't looking at me, but I walked away anyway. When the time was up, and the class was leaving, he came up to me and gave me a hug and a note. In it was the most sincere apology I had ever seen. I almost cried! I love how God humbled both me and the boy, and created a change inside us both. :)
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